Monday, July 23, 2007

happy 2nd birthday no coast!

happy birthday ncdg
ahhh, break time is over, now we're going to get our asses kicked as practice for the travel team has started up again. sat night was our b-day party at duffy's, lizzy made this awesome cake specially for the event. people brought good food and we got a bunch of drink tickets, and then we danced to the sweet tunes of the zebra team. i took a bite out of my rose and- oh the roses! we had this thing where there was a rose for every person including refs and when you drew a rose you had to say something nice about that person. i DID NOT want to do this, as i was afraid that i'd get someone and then blank on what they're good at. so later that night after a few drink tickets, i took a bite out of my rose, jackie peer pressured me to, and i hoped no one saw or else they'd think i can be convinced to put anything into my mouth. but it was beautiful, a perfect cross section of a rose in the shape of a bite. i tried to take a photo of it, but it didn't look as cool as it really was, and then it disappeared. i must do this again and get a good photo. i could get into stock photography with this kind of stuff. a rose with a bite out of it in a wine bottle, a rose with a bite out of it backlit, a rose with a bite out of it on glass, concrete, next to a regular rose. so poetic. but i like that kind of stuff, i'm a sensitive person and in my old age am able to appreciate things like picnics, inspirational sayings (only if i make them up tho), rainbows and baby animals. but, being sensitive, i feel all sorts of other things more than other people (i think...), things like dirty looks, unreturned phone calls, thoughtless words, someone's raging anger problems. i make a concious effort to turn those vibes away. and i do a pretty good job too. and the party was fun, i ate alot, i danced, and someone was proposed to and we all cried. cuz we're such sensitive derby girls.
my friend conrad has something about me on his blog, cars-r-coffins, it's all about bikes and riding your bike, taking a bike ride, looking at other people's bikes, thinking about your different bikes, fixing up a bike, cool bikes, awesome bikes, expensive bikes, bikes with character, the new bike, the old bike, when your bike breaks, bike parts, the things you see when you ride your bike, the things you do with your friends when you ride your bike, who he saw when he rides his bike, the roads you ride your bike on, what your bike looks like in different spots you hang out... i could go on, but he'll probably want to kill me for making a painfully accurate list. he likes his bikes, you know?

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