Sunday, December 30, 2007

a debate!

i love it. a long time ago, taka, molly and i went to see dave navaro at the independent. it was awesome(ly bad) . and it was so much fun. i took a short video of him playing, like 5 seconds, and posted it on you tube and it has sparked quite a debate in the comments section, check it out .

and by the way, this is the most viewed video on my youtube channel, with over 11,000 views. a pudding wrestling video comes in at second place with 7,000 views. the parakeet video trails at a distant third, with not quite 3,000 views.

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Anonymous said...

The left hand, alternate typing style of this blogger is second to none. I mean, she made Blogger what it is today, not the other way around. Read a fucking book!