Saturday, March 29, 2008

at about 8pm today, while i was working on photos and stuff at my computer, i just got the urge to get up and go lay down on my bed. i don't really even remember doing it, but that's what must have happened. and i fell asleep face down on my bed. for an hour. and then i got up and got under the covers and slept for another hour. then i got up and fixed myself something to eat and read bike snob nyc for an hour and a half. i was supposed to be working like mad to get photos together for my website, and and i just slept and read blogs. the only way i could be more disappointed with myself is if i got caught in the vice dos&donts. i hate that magazine. so now it's 1am, and i'm wondering where my friday went.


c_c_rider said...

snob's blog is addicting that's for sure. were you reading one of his posts on the craigslist missed connections? those are some of the best

taura said...

yeah, i read those. i had a months worth of catching up to do, so i read a few billion. sounds like he's blowing up!