Wednesday, April 23, 2008

so the new blog is here, it's amusing to me.

"i've been busy getting my studio ready
i just left a message on some dude's voice mail that i met playing poker at a dive bar last weekend, i have a feeling that"

oh, saved by an internet failure. the ride home from work yesterday was so beautiful. i rode my bike as slowly as i could, to savor the nice weather, daydreaming about the future. when i got home, i made myself a drink and sat outside and talked to lizzy and adam 2000 for a while, it was great. if all days could be as nice as it was last night. makes a person so happy, especially after this crappy winter we've had. i made myself another drink, worked on some photos at my computer (not the internet), and talked on the phone to tasha who is in orlando right now. soo, the drink worked. and i got riled up and started a huge rant about "dudes" and "douche bags" and then a long story about a guy i liked a long time ago. and i'm like, "fuck it! it's true! just write it! post it! yeah!" and so i pressed the "publish post" button, and the screen came up blank. this morning same thing, blank screen, no internet connection. in the bright morning light, i remembered that i don't want people to know that story, or what i think of "dudes" & "douche bags", or the rest of the sentence you see at the top of this post. that was all blogger saved, thank goodness. of course if it HAD posted, i could have edited it asap, but it didn't.

today is beautiful also. and it makes me happy. my dad is at my studio, doing some work for me, he can rule when he wants to. it will be finished soon, by next friday, for....(drum roll) FIRST FRIDAY! yay! so it's a very busy time for me, there's a roller derby bout this friday that i'm skating in, a huge 12 hour wedding on saturday that i'm shooting, a studio to remodel by may 2nd, and a small show to create and hang by may 2nd. ack. but it keeps me busy! and is a heck of a lot more productive than watching youtube all night.

oh yeah! and i got a photo in the daily nebraskan! as in a photo of me looking rough and tough for derby. scans later...



c_c_rider said...

it's good to hear the new john horn jazz studio will be open for first friday.

taura said...

lies! all lies! there will be no jazz studio, my first opening will play led zeppelin.

c_c_rider said...

good job at the derby last friday night. here are the two pics that i took of you, tasha, and your dad.
oh, and one of you with your fans.