Wednesday, August 27, 2008


we went to pawnee lake last weekend, and the moment we got there, it clouded over. but that was ok, i made a killer quart of screwdriver and ran around in a bikini the whole time. yep, match made in hell. i have a nasty skinned knee and bruises, and chigger bites in unfortunate places. you should have been there, checked out my roundhouse kicks.

i went to a funeral today, it was sad.

i'm trying sooo hard to get my things together for my new and improved website, it's exciting. soon molly and i will get together and make a cool site, one sure to reel those brides in:)

you can pretend you're in the middle of my studio. it's awesome. or you could come down for the next first friday and see me! word.

the other day the stets and i played one of my most favorite card games, gin rummy. you know when it stops being my most favorite game? you know what a sore loser is? well, imagine how a sore loser acts when they're winning, and then give that person phenomenal card skills and try to play them at your favorite game. almost makes me want to resort to cheating. cheating or slapping. i tried my hardest not to be a sore loser, but i don't think i hid my disappointment very well. we'll have to have a talk tonight, we're grilling out and are going to use one of those chimney starters for the first time.

oh, and i didn't mean to imply that stetson is a sore loser, he was just a very annoying winner. maybe i'll kick his butt tonight at gin rummy and get to find out if he's a sore loser or not.

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c_c_rider said...

i HATE chiggers. got bit up last year about the same time. i used aveeno and it worked ok.