Thursday, March 05, 2009

another beee-autiful day today, sat on my porch swing for the second time and watched the neighborhood pre-teen rats ride bikes around and yell at each other. and to the trained eye, feel extremely uncomfortable when the female pre-teen rats come out of their dwelling and slink down the street with their greasy bangs. ahh spring...

tonight some gals are going to the sk8zone, girls i used to skate with. i haven't been on skates since july or something, how sad! i invited the lanky youngster i've been texting recently, and he told me he'll rent some 'blades. i just went, "aaaaaaugh! really??" and he's like "yeah, oh no, does that like take me down a notch in your eyes?" and i said it depends on his moves. and that's true. as long as i don't fall, and can eat some nachos the night will be a success. what if we have to hold hands? i suppose i could ask my neighborkids for advice on skating rink matters. it's always a good sign if a dude will come to the rink with you, risking injury and humiliation in exchange for a couples skate. what if he's a better skater than me though? what if i'm the one who falls? if he's late, i'm gonna be p.o.'d


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