Monday, March 23, 2009


today the wind was blowing so hard, i thought it was going to blow my house down. i was sitting in my "office" upstairs working on photos and looking out the window at the weather (yes, it's a pasttime) and kind of getting scared because i can feel it through the floor and hear the creaks in the walls. it's kind of thrilling, but terrifying at the same time. most of the time it was more terrifying. like, first a shingle would blow off, and then a bunch more would come off, and then big pieces of the roof would blow off and next thing you know the wind has whittled away my ancient little house to nothing. but it didn't! yay me. but then i made some food and turned the tv on, and oh, there were tornados going on. i heard the sirens, but thought it was a test. i was busy listening to mystery play internet radio, ( - awesome) and they weren't playing local weather.

i finished processing an awesome shoot, "pro"-blogged about it, see a few extras on my flickr. all day today i worked on an engagement shoot and then started working on the other awesome shoot i did, at the public and black market. i'm so tired, and so tired of looking at the computer. i usually don't let myself stop working unless it's a short break, but i might just call it quits. have a drink, watch a cool photoshop tutorial, take it easy.

that was my plan at least, until i got 3 urgent emails from clients & etc, and next thing you know it's time to go to bed. lame. ok fine, they can wait till tomorrow.

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