Thursday, June 01, 2006


i thought it was over, at least it was in panama 3 months ago... but it happened again last weekend in the mission!

celebrate! with pinto beans!

and sausages! when i took the first bite of the delicious sausage, this hipster boy (who forgot he knew me) who was passing us turned to his friend and announced, "phallic!" like he was going to win the prize for spotting the girl eating the giant wiener and making the connection to a real wiener. this is what art school is for, teaching you stuff so you don't feel so special all the time when you realize something.

this rooster had silky feathers like hair. it was soooo cute, and just hung out with this guy who was digging through the recycling. when this little kid asked the guy where the chicken came from, the guy said, "from a TINY EGG". we followed the guy and his rooster around for a bit because i was so in love with it, and all the time people would ask him what's up with the chicken. the guy would say, "he's helping me recycle! everyone should recycle!"

angie and betty as we walked home, full of sausage.

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