Thursday, June 01, 2006

times, they are a changin'

we have a secret attic room in our house, tactfully dubbed the "anne frank room". it's strictly storage space, not party space, and so we put all sorts of crap up there and forget about it. today i found a handle of vodka hidden behind some stuff from one of our parties a long time ago. the reason i'm rooting around up there is because i'm moving rooms! finally! after 2 1/2 years, i'm finally moving to a room with windows... you don't know how sweet that is. and i'm bringing down all my clothes i packed up when i left for my trip, and i discover bags upon bags of clothes and shoes that i forgot about. shit. and i know it's now or never, i gotta sort it all out. so bags upon bags of clothes and shoes come sailing down, and i make molly help me make the hard decisions. you know, you get all attached to some shirt you've never worn that your mom gave you because she said it made you look pretty, and every time you go through your clothes, you see it and go, "it's practically new, and mom gave it to me that one summer." and you keep it. well this time, baby, no mercy! i put all the clothes in a big bag and am going to take it to the goodwill. check out the bag.

now, you'd think that there would HAVE to be something worthwhile in that big pile of clothes, but it's all things like these sunglasses, that i bought when i was exiting my punk stage, and entering into my short-but-sweet-j-lo stage, and was blundering through the fashion world trying to figure out what to wear that don't involve a butt flap. i ordered the sunglasses from a magazine.

or, you could find this little gem, something you buy when you imagine your life as a busy little student, drinking tea and diligently doing homework on the couch in the chilly san francisco winters.

i know i know, you're asking yourself, "how could anyone want to give that piece of snuggly to the goodwill? that thing's AWESOME!" well, i was stumped by the same question when i found it at the goodwill, and now i know it's because it smells like b.o.
go back and look again at the last photo and check out my sweet new adidas to the left of the clothes bag. dear lord, what am i doing? go to bed.

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