Tuesday, June 13, 2006

what a wonderful weekend

this sunday ellie, molly and i decided to get out to some nature. you know, real viceral dirty nature. and guess what! we found some nature right outside our front door! a dead bird someone put in our trash! the view under the lid is excruciatingly vomity.

but we really did go out to nature, packing picnic lunches and going to mt. tam.
and if you look around your environment with an eagle eye...

and guess what!! they're all friends!


but hey, it's not all fun and games in nature, you can get what they call riptide.

looks hellish, i know....

i remember when i was little and it was so great to lay in the grass and look for 4 leaf clover and feel so lucky. one summer, when it reached fever pitch between all the man neighbors and their lawns, and my dad was putting on record amounts of fertilizer on our lawn. you wouldn't believe how many four leaf clovers we found in the grass, and then five leaf clovers and up. when we repeatedly brought in 4 and 5 leaf clovers to our dad, he finally let off the fertilizer.
remember laying face first in the grass expecting to find a miracle.

in case you were wondering how ellie's sunburn was, this is sunday...

ellie and heath have the coolest shit ever in their house. i am eternally jealous.

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