Thursday, July 20, 2006

a quickie.

i can't believe that they kicked MALAN off of project runway tonight! i am so sad, i don't know how i can have any faith in the judges this season, starting off with this! he was going to be one of the reason's i anticipated this show! like, he's as flavorful as santino, but like shepherd's pie instead of santino rice... ok.
we went to a mediocre art show a few weeks back, the best part was a video where only one person could listen in at a time. molly.

at the arrow, taka dancing with balloons. so indie. so wasted. not even joking about it.

we went on a wine trip, it was great. but you know how when you go on a big group trip, and there are two cars. the corolla with a drunk policeman who loves house music, and convertible with the babes, the snacks and the map. guess which car taka and i were in.

man, looking for a job S-U-C-K-S. everyone thinks you have all this great free time, where you can work on your photos and email your grandma and do yoga in the park, but it's not. it's tiring and lame and i personally spend all free time hating on people and wondering how they got their jobs.

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