Monday, August 21, 2006

peanuts and good vibes for grandma edna please

my grandma edna went in for surgery today, to remove a cyst "the size of a hen's egg" by one of her lungs. they don't think it's cancerous, but the results haven't come back from the lab. i'm kind of sad about it, and would appreciate any good vibes ya'll could send her way.
she grew up in western nebraska in the 20's, on a ranch eating beans where chickens were her only friends. her favorite food was peanuts, and because money was so tight, it was a real treat to get some. when she was about 5, she got some peanuts and was so excited about them that she wanted to make a peanut sandwich. so she took a slice of bread and lined up the little peanuts in a row until they were covered the whole thing, and then put another slice on top and took it to school. at school, she was so proud of her sandwich that she told everyone about it. when lunch time came and she got her bucket to show everyone her delicious dinner, and... someone had stolen it. no peanut sandwich for grandma edna.
she still loves peanuts, and keeps a cupboard full of peanut butter. once, much more recently, she got up in the middle of the night to get some peanut butter and went to bed to eat it. she noticed it was crunchy, and then she noticed her arm started itching. and she turned on a lamp, and in the light she saw that the jar of peanut butter was full of ants and they were crawling down her hand.
get well soon grandma!

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