Monday, August 21, 2006

things and stuff II

eli and naomi gave taka and i a bunch of vhs movies when they moved out of their apartment, now taka and i are slowly working through the bunch of them. doc hollywood, single white female, digging to china, algiers, nurse betty, and some others i can't remember. random. the worst movie though, even besides doc hollywood, is REALITY BITES. gnasty. it's like generation x on the edge of the future bullhonky stuff. i hate both the main characters, winona rider and who ever the dude is, they're wretched. like wretched types who are miserable, and the art/music/lifestyle they make is supposed to be all edgy, but it's like some dips idea of edgy for a movie. i really can't get over how bad that movie is. a good movie though, "after life" by kore-eda hirokazu made me cry for an hour after it finished. but i had drank wine, and also cried during a mcdonalds commercial once. or twice.

this pillow surface is a perfect example of the 80's.
the 80's
i found it at the flea market today, and thought about how much i would have wanted it in 7th grade, or been sooo excited to make it. the 80's are about squiggles, spirals, and triangles. and "slick pen", the brand of fabric paint my mom bought me and my sisters in bulk. i remember we made our dad a fathers day t-shirt where tasha and i wrote out "rad dad" in awesome letters and underneath, we painted a picture of a girl eating a hotdog with her mouth wide open. she had her mouth wide open and was holding a giant hot dog and putting it into her mouth. i remember feeling a little funny about it after we finished, but our dad wore it for us a few times until we forgot about it. but i didn't. i bet i could sell that t-shirt on japan ebay now.

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