Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday!!

Daters Not Haters turns 1 year old, and yesterday was Tasha's 26th birthday!
more about that a different day.

I haven't written in a while, losing tens of thousands of blog fans i know. But it's not for lack of thinking about things, or even feeling about things. Oh no, I've reverted back to ye olde diary as of late, similar to those years spent at coffee houses, librarys, and unkept beds scribbling in notebooks about important stuff. I've written a couple of personal essays, with big hopes that they'll make the cut and get into this daters not haters thing, essays titled,
"Regrettable Emails"
"the Nose Knows: Blog of the Zine World"
and something loosely based on Brian Kelly.
They need some editing though.
I just can't put anything in here you know...
Dang I'm tired, and I have soooo much to say. Soooo much to catch up with you on, and soooo many pictures to share. Sooo until then, ciao.

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