Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ahh, i took the sodoku challenge again and i won. then i went back to a problematic puzzle and whooped it's ass. word! i mean... numbers!!
being negative isn't cool. being negative doesn't mean you're elite or knowledgeable or menacing or whatever you're trying to make people think. now, this is kid shit, stuff you should have realized a long time ago. but we all need to be reminded, as it's an easy trap to fall into. am i thinking of anyone specific? yes, several people including myself. i caught myself talking with someone about a movie i saw, marie antoinette, which i liked, but all i could say was all the ways it sucked. lame! why was i being lame, i don't know. just gotta stop.
i still don't have my pads and helmet for derby, we're waiting for them to get in at precision skate. right now i'm using someone's gigantic helmet and some second hand pads from other girls. yesterday was the first time i practiced hits, which was fun, and i can't wait for tonight! it's awesome. i need speed, i need to stop being the slowest. now if i could just get the hang of stopping... next tuesday is the day all the rookies take the test so we can get drafted and belong to a team. gang green, mary kay mafia, or the hood rats? where will i get in? who has the best outfits?
a few days ago tasha, my mom, and i went to tj maxxx. they must have just got in a big shipment, cuz there were soooo many cute things! i found a sweet pair of jeans, which fit perfectly. a jean expert in sf told me that when buying jeans, find the perfect fit then go a size smaller. that way when you start wearing them they'll stretch to fit just like the bigger size. if you start with the perfect size, it WILL stretch out and not be the perfect fit anymore. anyway, so i found this pair of pants and i kept these words of wisdom in my head, and looked for a size smaller. but i couldn't find a pair! the store was closing and we needed to go, and i became frantic and found a different pair of jeans that were the size i was looking for, and then just bought both pairs. when we got back home, i went to try on the second pair of jeans and boy oh boy, it was a struggle. like the waist was a better fit for my thigh than my waist. but i tugged and wiggled and pulled them on and then had to lay on the floor to button them up. but i got it done by god, while tasha and my mom looked on in horror at my efforts, and then the results. they begged me to take them back, they told me how bad they looked, but i don't know... they'll stretch out right? maybe if i wear them wet that'll help. who knows, i may lose some weight, but at this point in time it's muffin top city. the tighter the better i say.

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