Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i always surprise myself at how poor a friend i can act sometimes. or family member. i'm sorry. it's like i only like to concentrate on a few things at a time, like thinking about something or working towards something, and have to ignore everything else or the first things get lost. so i don't call as much as i should, or email, or send out myspace messages, or go out or whatever.
on a brighter note, we got wireless at our house! hence, the frequent blogs of late. (talking like that is great) and i can once again listen to the technicolor web of sound, and air america (it's not on today tho). and of course, my old time radio programs. never get tired of that shit. unless i've heard it before. finally finished my journey into space program, dang, maybe tomorrow i'll spend some time and talk about it. for all you journey into space fans.
it's also warm out today, and i'm going to dust off ye old bicicleta and get my ass to class. who knew, that after all this shitty winter time stuff, there would be sunshine? you never appreciate a nice day like you do after a stretch of miserable ones. yay!

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