Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quotable Quotes from the hit show "I Love New York"
"I'm really feeling the fuck out of this nerd!" New York on Mr. Boston
"When you have a small dog, things can happen. Not only that, they're so cute. You can never say no." Romance on Her Majesty, New York's small dog.
"Sometimes don't you just get scared of the dark and think there's a monster over there?" Tango to Real.
Ok, so Tango never said that, I say that. someday when I have a kid they're going to say, "mommy, don't turn out the lights, i'm afraid there's a monster over there!" and i'll say, "i know! and it's really scary! good luck and don't make any noise, that's what i do. but if you have to walk through the haunted abyss, i mean dark, if you have to walk through the DARK for some reason, just sing a song like you were tina turner on sesame street. that keeps the monsters away from you until you can turn on the lights. serious! they haven't gotten me yet!"

PASSED! yes, i passed my wftda testing that i have been so stressed out about for the last few weeks, yippie! everyone passed, doubly good. AND, after the testing was over all the rookies were drafted last night, our teams were announced and i am now on...
(i'm talking about the no coast derby in case you don't know)
the mary kay mafia!
and tasha's in...
gang green?
nooooo! why do we have to skate against each other? lizzy's on gang green too, it's going to be a strain. i know blood (and best friends) are thicker than water, but what about the team? sisters against sisters? nooooo way.
but i tell you what, mary kay mafia has the cutest uniforms!
yay me!

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