Friday, March 02, 2007

snowy days are here again

so, once again i'll talk about the weather... it's snowy, which is very beautiful for looking at and taking photos, but bad if you need to go anywhere. it snowed the night before last, which took out the electricity, and because the snow was so deep, all this stuff was cancelled. beauty school, unl, state jobs, maybe little kid school, it was a day off for lots. lizzy and i played gin (and she beat me) for a bit until adam finished shoveling the driveway, and then we decided to jam. we're starting a band, i can't reveal the name yet, but it will have flute, moog, ukelele, computer, and maybe some other thing. it's me, lizzy, and adam, and we already have the start to our first song. don't worry, it's going to rock. at about this time in the day, tasha calls and tells me that if i want to go to adult skate tonight i need to stop jerking around and get my work done. so we wrapped up our practice and i went down and slaved away on the computer doing stuff which will eventually lend me either money or fame. adult skate was great, it was deserted. we pretty much had the rink to ourselves and could skate fast because none of the old people were there.
i got up before 10 today, it's a major accomplishment. you know how i did this? you go to bed early. but what if you're not tired? just read the book "name of the rose" by eco, it's a 14th century murder mystery set in a monastery. though interesting, it will put you to sleep.

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