Friday, September 26, 2008

so many exciting things going on!
cs4 is out, can't wait to get started once i figure out how to finagle a copy out of someone...
my new website is almost ready, worked on it until late last night with my mom and sister molly. how lucky am i to have a sister who designs websites and has great taste, and a mom who teaches photography, design, and web design? i thank my lucky stars that not only do i have a great family who i get along with, but that they're wonderfully talented and lend their skills to my undertakings. i am very excited about the new website, it will mostly be my commercial stuff, with a sampling of personal work consisting of the nebraska project, cambodia documentary and my tree/night/mandala body of work.
have three shoots lined up in the next few days, a couple engagement shoots and a fashion shoot with the most beautiful megabomb. stoked about that.
stetson and i raced his zuma scooter with my rd60, it was very close. mostly depended on who got off the starting line first, which depended on who said "go" first. finally got my helmet, it rules.
did you know you can get a ticket for not putting those little stickers on your licence plates after you renew your registration? who knew... all those things no one ever bothers to tell a girl.
it's beautiful out, especially for late september. i better shower and get down to the martini bar to meet my mom and sister tasha, it's friday night.
my mobsters is going ok, got my skyscraper finally. but have not been kicking so much ass these days, working on upping my energy instead of my attack power. can't have it all... sometimes i imagine it's real money.

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