Thursday, September 18, 2008

things & stuff...

have been dreaming about riding motorcycles lately. it's awesome. i told the stets a while ago that i want a motorcycle, a real motorcycle. and he asked what kind. so i don't know anything about motorcycles, i just know what i think looks cool, and i told him there's a little green one at the shop he works at that i like. he tells me that it's his, he's restoring it to sell it, and i can buy it for what he's put into it. and then today i talk to him and he's riding it around, and tomorrow when i go to the shop i can ride it too! i'm so excited. it's a little yahama rd60, just my size. it looks like this:

i think it'll roar down A st just fine:)
i'm feeling a little better today.
tomorrow i go back to jen's class at bryan h.s. to talk to her kids about their photographs they made this last week. last thursday i went in and brought some of my work and talked to them about photography. jen has told me that they're really excited about the assignment we gave them "personal documentary," and some of them have already been bringing in photos they've taken, which makes me happy. i'm so stoked to see what they came up with, we talked about taking their photos and turning it into a zine. how cool is that? i'd like to have a show at my studio for a first friday in conjunction with their zine if jen's up for it.


c_c_rider said...

i dig that green color. it's only a 40cc????

taura said...

YOU'RE a 40cc!:)