Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i looked in the mirror this morning, and my head has turned to a silver hair factory. i saw like 6 new ones. i guess you can't look 23 forever, someday you gotta look 24.

of course the growth of silver hairs wouldn't have anything to do with me - drumroll - buying a house, would it? it was love at first sight, and now it's a nightmare making it work out.

my laptop broke. hard drive went kablooey. no internet, no blogging, no checking emails, no ordering clients photos without a lot of planning and driving and schlepping around huge lacie drives.

having a opening at my studio for the next first friday, busy trying to get everything ready for that.

and my website will be finished soon! it's going to kill. i'm not building it, but it takes soooo much work editing, finishing, and preparing the photos and text to go on it. decisions to be made, problems to solve, etc... can't wait.

and i have business cards finally!

along with shooting weddings, engagement shoots, meeting with clients, i have a full plate. and grey hairs.


c_c_rider said...

you gonna start coloring or plucking your grey hairs? i pluck mine!

taura said...

keep em all! someday i will be all white:)