Wednesday, December 03, 2008

oh poopers

i've been up to my eyeballs in this and that, still haven't unpacked or bought groceries since i moved into my awesome house almost 3 weeks ago... everything's so urgent! everything on my plate has a #1 on it as far as priorities go, and it's just so much to do. on the lighter side, i wrote a press release for a new cd on monday, not having listened to it yet. so i made things up and guessed about others. should i be saying this? and i am just listening to it right now, and the song i called "inspiring" is actually "depressing," "somber" and "funeralesque" work better. maybe i could change it "thoughtful" before i send it out.
i'm wearing a bob marley hoodie. it's stetson's.
i got a haircut yesterday from the wonderful mandy at tangerine, i think i should just make a standing appt like people do. new haircuts are so amazing, i went from about 15 years old to 28 years old without having a professional haircut. that's alot of time, especially because i'm mostly an adult during this time. it's much better than getting a new shirt too! but just barely...

photos from warmer days...

this is frankie boy. when he becomes frankie man, i'm hoping he makes it with tina and they have a baby dog together. and i'm going to get that dog!

a trip to indian caves with stetson, we took his bike down a path through the woods to the river and then my boots went into the mud and almost came off.
stetson goofing off, maybe going to fall in:)
xoxo t

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