Thursday, December 04, 2008

i have found a faint wireless signal in the south east corner of my living room, awesome. between my laptop konking out on me, and not having internet at my house yet, it's been a loooong loooong time since i had easy internet access. probably 6-7 weeks. so this is a nice surprize:)
we have a new guy at work, he's a teenager. his previous job was at wendy's, and he treats this job much the same way. today i was folding programs, and he comes in and stands about 6 inches too close playing with a rubber band or a staple or something. usually you expect someone to say something eventually, but not our guy. just stands there. sometimes i'll just turn to him and say, "oh sorry, is there something you needed?" and he'll take his self elsewheres.
when i was making a stop at sun mart on my way home, i parked beside a van. a couple of kids got out as i walked to the store. i ended up walking behind one of them, smelling the stale cigarette smoke and b.o. waft in my direction, and i just looked. he had on those terrible flimsy sports shorts on, and had pulled the back elastic part down below his butt, exposing a maroon pair of flannel boxers someone else bought him. maybe to fart better. or pick some nanny balls out easier. then he had on some black puffy skater shoes, with no socks! it's fucking 18 degrees outside, and he's wearing shorts and no socks.

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