Thursday, February 26, 2009

i think the term is weepy, for the state of my mind. the weather turned to shit again, even this morning was kind of nice and in the 40's, and then it got really cold and windy... not the freezing rain they predicted, but it was bad enough. the first few days of the week were so nice (50's & 60's) it almost makes you feel alive again. i need to put a permanent 6 week vacation into my yearly schedule from now on, get the rock out of here.
am fixing cookies. "why is that so interesting?" you may ask, because i have a stove now!! my house didn't come with a stove or a fridge, and my dad who is amazing, ran a gas line up to my kitchen and put my grandma vi's basement stove in last weekend. grandma vi had a stove upstairs and a stove downstairs for maximum cooking power. that's a grandma for you. so i am making cookies from scratch, you know, mix the butter and eggs together and then put the mix in, and good god, they're good. betty crocker.
last weekend my mom and i went to see grandma edna in scottsbluff, and took some indulgent detours on the way. photo detours. mom is the only one i can travel like that with, no one else has the patience to stop because of an interesting tree or a funny building. we pretty much entertain ourselves for days on end taking photos of worn wood, cows and trailers all over nebraska. it sucks when it's cold like this because it's not so nice to stay outside for very long. here are a few i like from last weekend:
it's hard to put them up because i don't know if people see what i see in them, not because i am afraid people will get something different out of them, but like they'll look at them and say "booooring, i hate landscape. where's tugboat?" but i think these are funny and sad. i feel like i'm finally getting this project down, it's nice. what will be even nicer will be when my mom and i get our nebraska website up and all our photos on it! but until then you'll just have to come to my studio the next first friday for an evening of me talking to other people because i know you and i don't know them and i'm a business lady now. but seriously, come! byow&c, i'm not a rich business lady yet. w=wine. c=cheese


Miguel Picanco said...

Call me crazy, but I really like those photos.. it'd be nice to chat about what they do mean to you, but I just love any art with an(not necessarily to be confused with 'the') intended deep meaning to be found. It'd also be nice to go driving around and see you in action.

If you'd ever like to go ridin' when your mom is unavailable, give me a holla! Oh, and be sure to prep plenty of good god cookies, Ms. Crocker. ;) lol

Taura said...

you're crazy!! you asked...
i expect to have some more free time this summer, (due to me leaving you-know-where) so one of these days i'll just have call you up. but i don't expect too much free time, because i want to busy with jobs!

c_c_rider said...

great shots... can't wait to see some more if you have them up this friday.

p.s. - will there also be jazz? :)

p.s.s. -oh and... careful with that boiling water.