Monday, April 20, 2009

i'm giving a presentation (i guess) to the lincoln camera club tomorrow, i think just on my own work! i guess. so i'm looking through all my files, trying to find different projects to put on a dvd for a slideshow. and i can't find anything! most of my early work was shot on film, and what i scanned i scanned at 6696 x 8964 px and they take 25 minutes to open in photoshop. or else they were scanned at 150 x 250 px and look like dookie. so i'm trying to figure out what to do if i can't find some good quality manageable files.

xana, my kitty, was spayed today, and now she's all drugged up and retarded. she just spent 45 minutes sitting in the bathtub looking at her water dish with her paws completely soaked. bill, her brother, looks like a genius right now and is taking every opportunity he can to lick her pooper. it weirds me out, cuz i think he enjoys it. i made an appointment for bill to go in for an operation on thursday, before he gets any more big ideas about his sister. sorry bill. xana and bill came from a welding/auto shop in lincoln, xana was randomly found by my dad about a week after gypsy rose ran away. my dad and i went to the shop the next day, and the guy said he wanted to give her to a good home. and he let me take her home right then! she was a dream kitty, and i went back to get her brother a week later. he's another story. which i'm sure you'll hear all about in the future.

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c_c_rider said...

you're takin' him in to get snipped? oooh poor little billy dee