Sunday, April 12, 2009


adam 2000 looking for the lighter, at the estate sale.
the little blue bike that DIDN'T SELL! not even for $2.50!!
relaxing after tennis... who would have ever guessed that i would wear shoes like that and get talked into playing tennis by THAT GUY?
bmfk and i decided to visit a place dear to our youth, bum city. this is what you see when you're finally close to the entrance, when you're cold and your back hurts, and you're just starting to think that you'll never get out.
i spent alot of time down there with my friends, spray painting crap and hanging out. it was really cool to get down there again, not much has changed really. saw things i wrote in 1993, and saw things that i remembered seeing back then, and the best part is seeing all the amending of messages over the years, the additions to drawings or phrases. it's like time doesn't exist. i remember being down there, and it was like everything was written by some other kids in the last couple weeks, even though "irving rules" was painted when you were 2. and it still felt like that way, like i was 15 and wearing my combat boots hanging out with my cool friends booger and d-formed.
yes, that says blessed sacrament. what kind of bad ass catholic kids would come down and spray paint their schools' name, but not write "sucks" or something? they were bad, but not that bad:) and yes, you can also see how several people felt about no doi, the zine robin and i used to do.
this took some initiative.
this is cool because it probably was painted in 1976, and you can see where the water has washed away some of the paint during the floods. funny, the danger of flash floods never crossed our minds. ahh, youth.


No Good said...

That's it? I was anxiously anticipating the full tour! XOs

Taura said...

can't reveal too much yet, saving the panorama for later!