Thursday, July 27, 2006


yuka and her nice boyfriend at their opening at atlas cafe a few weeks ago. they are so cute! they both wore mickey mouse shirts without even planning it. plus their work is sweeeet.

miss euna and her terrible face accident, bike+pothole. she broke a bone in her cheek, and was all swelled up on one side. it was so sad, and i'm happy to say she's much better now (though still can't eat crunchy things).

someone getting arrested.

someone taking a nap.

the paper bags are from a stenciling workshop i did a year ago with galeria de la raza. they had a program called youth in public media going on over the last few years, and they just had a "best of" end exhibit, and i got to see the bags again!! my friend vero and i led a group of teenagers and we put stencils on paper sacks from rainbow grocery, and then returned them to the grocery store for customers to use. it was a great project.

a pigeon, sunbathing it's head half.

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