Thursday, July 27, 2006

port costa

last friday ellie and i went to port costa, a mere 30 minute drive from oakland, but you get there and have a beer and feel a million miles away from civilization. you can rent a room at the only hotel in the one street town for $30 a night, it used to be a brothel and is was lavishly decorated in the 70's under their ideas of what a 19th century brothel looked like. think dolly parton.
first, you go to the bar and say you want a room, and the guy will give you a tour and show you every room and you pick out one called mary anne or geneive or sally. second, you go back to the bar and order the brie cheese board and a drink and sit outside and talk until the crazies want to talk to you. we visited with some nice people from crockett, and then when they left, this totally scary guy came and talked to us all night long. i kept saying to ellie, "let's go to the room now!" but she was all drunk and was having a great time. (so was i, but i was a little scared) this guy, algie, told us he was homophobic because he went to prison. for murder. then ellie tells him in all seriousness that maybe he's homophobic because he's gay. and he gets all mad and says no. then later ellie says something about israel and nazis, and he slams his drink on the table and says, "nazis?! are you talking about nazis?" well yes, yes we are. "do you got something against nazis?!" and ellie's like, well they killed alot of people. and he goes, "i've had enough of this shit, i'm outta here." and gets up and starts to walk away, then turns back and flexes his bicep and points to a circular tattoo on the big prison muscle. we're like, wow, nice tattoo. and he's like "psssh!" and leaves. then i realize it's some sort of neo swastika tattoo. what a dork.
third, you go to your room called sally and eat crackers until you want to go to sleep.
fourth, you wake up sweating at 8:30am because it's 85degrees already, and only getting hotter.
fifth, poke at the little bat who decided to sleep in your room.

sixth, go home with a very sick friend.

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