Thursday, July 27, 2006


last night taka and i went to one of those irish type themed bars that you never really want to go to. there was this guy there who after i told him i was from lincoln nebraska, said, "oh the lincoln cattle wars!" and i'm like, huh? and he goes to tell me about how there were the lincoln cattle wars in the 1860's and that's how billy the kid got famous. so i'm like, really? and asking him about it cuz i've never heard about this famous thing in my hometown that has a plaque to celebrate a wagon wheel that fell off once. shit, if billy the kid had a friend in nebraska, we'd have a plaque to celebrate that too. but he probably didn't, and so i'm seriously doubting that there was anything like the lincoln cattle wars in nebraska or else i would already know about it. but nooo, he says he's 100% sure about it, and i'm thinking he's a big history buff. so today i do a little internet research and lo and behold, i'm right. there's no lincoln nebraska cattle wars, it's lincoln county new mexico cattle wars. and he's no history buff, he probably watched young guns.

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