Thursday, October 12, 2006

shoes, getting dirtier at what i now call the coffee hole

today at work, i saw that i had been assigned to the bar. i hate bar. damn. who's on counter?
"so erik," i say "you're on counter"
"do you want to be on bar?"
"yeah," i say, "it's too hard for you. you better stay on counter, easy stuff. it's better for you."
erik just looks at me.
"yes i like counter"
"yeah yeah, i know, they want me on bar because they know i can handle it. you're on counter because it's difficult for you to make all the drinks, yeah, it's too hard for you."
when i got back from taking out the trash, erik was at the bar and my shift lead told me i was on counter.
the other day i looked at how many coffee-to-go boxes i had to make, and it was alot.
"hey kevin," i say to him "remember that day when you didn't stock coffee-to-go boxes?"
"no, i stocked them" he replies
"yeah right, i don't think you know how to make them."
"oh really?" kevin says "what are you talking about? i make those every night!"
"well, i bet i make them faster than you. you're like, "doo-dee-doo-do-do-da" when you make them! ha!"
and next thing you know, we're having a box making contest, and my coffee-to-go's are finished.
and then we went bowling and drank beer.

i found a bandaid that i bought in nicaragua earlier this year, and put it on some heinous hangnail i had. later that day i realized the bandaids are the masking tape with little holes and a piece of cotton in the middle. how economical.

we went to a launch party the other night, for chow magazine. it was really nice, and we ate a bunch of little things on sticks. like lamb and shrimp and something delicious called a potato pillow which was not on a stick. and drinks, plenty of drinks.
bets and teds

"what kind of purse is that?"
"it's a knock-off"

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