Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things and stuff 4

new shoes after one day at the coffee shop.

the other day euna and i were looking at a purse at some shop when she throws it down in disgust saying, "this ruching is totally pointless!!"
what do you do when you realize you like patchouli smell? in incense, not hippie oil. and what do you do when you realize you like froofy espresso drinks with hazelnut? HAZELNUT.
caltrain is really fun. i wish the ride was longer so i could chill out on the second level and look out the window. maybe it's time for another train trip.

dang! there are more of them than i thought. diz iz my bike.

tonight the neighbors next door are having a really annoying rave type thing. there was a guy standing outside with gigantic skulls painted on his clothes, one on the back of his shirt, and one on the back of each of his legs. this is not a kind of party i want to go to.
last night there was the bestest scifi program playing on i-mystery, i HAVE to get a copy of it. i'm all about old sci-fi radio programs, and the internet is a grrreat place to listen to them. there's the kinds made practically for kids about communist spider aliens, and the "journey into space" sagas are awesome, and then you have the episodes of "escape", which are the best. but last night i heard a new type, it was the dramatic reading and dramatic band playing. there'd be a few sentences read, like, "the night sky cracked open like a hammer had stuck it like a gong, lightening searing the landscape searching wickedly for humans." and then the band would start playing music and sounds that reflected the statment, going on for 5 minutes or so with lots of theramin. then another clue to the story: "it was ships from beyond, terrifying and ruthless in their hunger for human death. martians." and the band would play scary music some more, and in the second hour of the program, there was less and less narrator and more and more singers telling the story (badly). "like the sun through the trees warming the moist spring soil you came to me, to make me smile. like the sun through the trees, you are gone" and a man sings these words out in anguish over a slapping bass line, because he thought his lady got blown up by martians(but she was ok it turns out, and then we get to hear some duets). and it keeps on going, 20 seconds of of dialog and explanation, and 5 minutes of space opera sounds. it was very theramin, very funky, very dramatic and very long. i had to turn it off to go to sleep. but i can't believe the amount of work someone put into that program, i bet it's on record someplace.
ellie and i went to the mall downtown today, getting some items and checking out the new parts. we went to the bloomingdales, and i expected alot. i must say, all the purses and bags were hideous. only a few le sport bags were ok, and they were still $160 for not quite the right thing. the mall is crazy, you can't find your way out and it's like time doesn't pass, it's like a casino. it's crazy.
making friends at work

..."these are a few of my favorite things"...

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