Thursday, March 08, 2007

derby derby derby derby.
i've got derby fever, though it sort of feels like the flu. go to sleep thinking about practice, dream about derby, wake up and think about derby. it feels like when i was a teenager discovering punk music: you want to devote every waking hour to everything punk and could care less about anything that isn't. maybe i should start a derby zine:)
but i did take the sodoku challenge after a brief hiatus, it's difficult to think about numbers when you're hung over. balls. instead of sodoku, i've been reading the US magazine that lizzy gave me. when my lack of popular culture (i guess that's what it's called) became shockingly real, as in me not knowing any stars or shows, she popped into my room and said, "this is to fill that black void with some information about the world." oh that lizzy! i usually feel too busy to devote much time to tv or watching movies, but i can always find time for i love new york. it's getting down to the wire folks, and it's going to get gooood! this show is almost perfect. for it to be perfect, it needs to be reno 911. now that's a show.
this is a photo of the golden gate fields' restroom, my dear friend nick worked there. i loooove to watch those ponies run.


Chris said...

i can't get over the fact that you're into roller derby. i'm inspired.

Chris said...

p.s. you shoould chck out "Star" magazine also. it's debateable if it's better than US Weekley, but Star has really been doin it for me for awhile.

taura said...

i like us weekly cuz it's just gossip about the stars, it's not really mean spirited or pointing out cellulite. yesterday i was at walgreens, and there's a great celeb gossip magazine called i think called "m", but it's for 12 year olds. tweens i think they call them.