Saturday, March 10, 2007

dax flame

dax flame! is it real, or isn't it? when flavor of love was on, michelle (ted's girlfriend) was convinced that new york was a performance artist, and the most brilliant one at that. it's like saying that new york is so crazy that it has to be an act, no one could actually be that crazy. would you act like that? no, but you you also wouldn't kidnap, rape and torture someone and keep them in a box under your bed until they die 40 years later. or at least i hope you wouldn't. but there are people out there that do, just like there's people out there that act like new york, and people out there who have tantrums and make great jokes on their video blog. it's a stretch i know, comparing making video blogs to murder, but this is how i come to conclusions about things. so what i'm saying is that there very well could be a lonely socially awkward teenager who makes painfully honest video blogs as a way to communicate with the outer world. word! but is it real? i don't know, and i don't know if i really care, because i want the videos to keep coming and keep abreast of dax flame's trials and tribulations. but the one where he has his study buddy over and freaks out, makes me think f-a-k-e. if dax is faking the whole thing, he's a DAMN good actor, like tops. but his friend jacob isn't. jacob's fakeness is the clincher, it's still a good blog, but feels more like a skit than truth. decide for yourself:

here's one called cool moves, it's his 2nd motion picture. are you ready for them? i don't think you are.

here's the study session i talked about.

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