Sunday, March 04, 2007

about a week ago, i had to do one of those dreadful things... the unmentionable. no, not take a dump in the toilet bowl, taking a dump on someone's feelings.
and my satellite ears overheard him comiserating with some gals who i'm sure were only too happy i'd passed on the fellow, he said, "i guess i'm just not her type." (or something to that effect, this is 2nd hand eaves dropping after all). when i heard that, i was like, "what? i never said that!" cuz i didn't, i said other stuff. but maybe he's not, and we all should just assume that when we get dumped we're just not that person's type. in one way or another.
this is how it'd go:
"yeah, i guess you're just not my type."
"what is your type then?"
"girls who only eat hamburgers and don't make me call them back."
"oh... yeah, i guess you're not my type either."
"oooh really? what's your type then?"
"guys who don't have raging ringworm and chronic unemployment."
"ha, fuck you."
"fuck you too."
"see you at pops."

for some reason i have a pile of glow sticks on my desk.

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