Tuesday, September 16, 2008

feeling mean and sad and fugly. feeling washed out and tired. want to rant about the boyfriend. and things are really actually fine, maybe it's just that time of the month where i get worked up easily. last week my car got towed and i freaked out on the police lady on the phone i talked with, and then she called back and told me i could get a ticket for that kind of behavior. and i was really in a state at that point, and am like, "WHA-HUH-HUHT FORRR!" and am standing on the corner bawling with snot coming out of my nose and everything. and i'm a block away from the police station and telling a lady "fuck you" on the phone... great idea. great self control. that's the kind of thing that'll get me arrested. i missed an important appointment because my car was in the tow yard, and then the next day my bike got a flat tire on the way into work. friday was good, my dad's birthday. went out for martinis, food at the red fox, and cake at g-ma's. saturday sucked. sunday had a photo shoot with katelyn, and then right after it finished, sunday sucked. i don't want tomorrow to suck. today was cool, had tacos and margaritas with delaney after work, but then had to go to the sprint store cuz my phone is breaking... i've had more than my fair share of problems with sprint, and tonight the supervisor told me that my plan looks fraudulent and he wasn't going to do anything to help me. !!! that sucked. tomorrow i'm going to shower and dress cute and try not to say dumb shit. today i wore (from the bottom up) tan boots, brown jeans, a tan tank top with a purple/blue patterned scarf. the tank top was a bad choice, but i topped it all off with a black northface performance warmth shirt thing. what??? how ugly is that? super. dang. no wonder i feel like crap, i look like a dumb shit who doesn't know how to match.
but good news is around the corner, molly is making me a killer website that i'm really stoked on!! and she's giving my name and all that a look i love. i'm going to go nuts with the business cards, stationary, brochures, etc... i should cheer up and go to bed.
sorry to be so vague about why days are sucking.

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vintage.tt said...

You know what works for me? Oreos and a tall glass of icy cold milk. Or B&J New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Sorry you're having some sucky days...it'll pass.